City Office: 254-826-5351

Street Reconstruction Notice

We are beginning Street Rehab work on Jane Lane. This work will begin at the intersection with Meadow. In both the intersection and the first 230 feet of Jane Lane, we will be removing about one foot of existing material and installing new base and asphalt . We will also be replacing the curbs and drive approach at 1405 Jane Lane. The drive and Handicap parking at the doctor’s offices will not be disturbed, but the street in front of the doctor’s office will be removed and replaced.
The remainder of Jane Lane (beginning at 1407 Jane Lane and going north) will receive an overlay. This means that selected curbs and drives will be removed and replaced, while others will remain as is. It also means that instead of removing the street, we will be adding a 1.5″ new asphalt topping. If you notice pink paint along the road, this indicates which curbs are to be removed and which are to be left undisturbed
During this process, we will be closing Jane Lane to “thru traffic”. This means you will be able to get to your homes on Jane, but will have to drive through the construction zone. Please drive slowly in this area and make eye contact with the workers and they will assist you in getting to your homes. Delays mat be encountered.
Before we begin this new work, we will complete the section of Meadow in front of the ambulance station. This means that the alley east of Jane lane will be opened back up. You might find it easier to get in and out of your home via the alley than through the construction zone . We will open the intersection of Meadow and Davis before beginning this new work
We plan to begin this work on Wednesday, October 19th.
Thank you,
Barnett Contracting, Inc