City Office: 254-826-5351



We anticipate laying the asphalt on a portion of the reconstruction project the days of November 21st to November 23rd. The following streets will receive the asphalt pavement:

Haven (West of Davis)
Davis (Haven to Meadow)
Meadow (Reagan to Jane)
Jane Lane
Northridge (Spot repairs)

The actual asphalt will be laid on Tuesday and Wednesday (22nd & 23rd) of that week but we will need to clean the streets on Saturday and Monday (19th & 21st).
Please do not park in the streets between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. during that week. You will be able to drive on the new asphalt within an hour or two of it being placed and will be able to park as usual at that point. We cannot tell you exactly what time we will pave in your area, so be prepared for it to happen at any point Tuesday or Wednesday.
Weather, equipment problems, etc. could effect this schedule. If we are not able to complete the paving by Wednesday the 23rd we will continue on Monday the 28th.

With the execption of a few minor items, this will complete our work in your area. Thank you for your patience during this reconstruction process.

Thank you, Barnett Contracting, Inc.