City Office: 254-826-5351


With increasing numbers of COVID 19 positive cases in McLennan Co. and West it falls on my shoulders as your mayor to keep the citizens of our city safe.

If you test positive and are required to self-quarantine for the mandatory 14 days please follow those instructions. 

If you leave your home you are exposing your friends, neighbors and fellow citizens.  Self-quarantine is very important to eradicate this virus and get back to some normal.

I have listed two numbers below,  City Hall and West Police.  If you are in quarantine and in need of food or other items, I have requested the police to pick up your phone in order from local stores in West and deliver to your porch. Please note that payment for your order must be arranged between you and store, police will not accept money.  The city is here to help you through your quarantine with this small gesture of service. 

City of West Police 254-826-5311,   City Hall 254-826-5351

Thank you – Mayor Muska