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Home Grant Program Meeting 5/3/17

2017 Home Grant Application

There will be a meeting at the West Community Center on May 3rd at 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. to provide information about the grant program and application process.

If you are a low income family that owns your home free and clear and needs to be rehabilitated/reconstructed please take advantage of this amazing program.

3 qualified applicants will be awarded a new home.

To set up an appointment or ask questions please call Karen Rego or Jessica Bickford at 512-452-0432. You can also locate this information on the information sheet of the application.

Applications MUST be filled out PRIOR to the appointment and you MUST bring ALL  required documentation to the appointment.

  • Age is no factor other than over 18.
  • Must live with the City Limits.
  • This is all based on ownership, you cannot be renting and there must be house or Mobile home on the property.
  • How long you have owned your home does not matter but it must be in your name. Living Trust are fine.
  • The title must be free and clear with no lien or cloud on the title.
  • All income coming into the household must be disclosed.
  • You must have this as their principal residence and provide evidence by way of utility bill or ID.  If your home is not livable due to deterioration or disaster you may qualify.
  • You must fall below the income limits that are listed on the front information page of the application. You must provide verification of income stubs , Social Security Award letters, Pension letters etc.
  • Almost all homes are reconstruction which means we will tear down their existing home and rebuild a new home in its place.
  • This is grant, there is no lien but there is an affordability of time that you must live in the home to not have to pay back any funds. This is 5 years.  After 5 years you can sell your home or do anything you like without any repayment issues.
  • The homeowner must be  willing to relocate at their expense during the course of construction.
  • After the new home is built, you may have an increase in property taxes due to the appraisal done.
  • The homes that we build are typically 3 bedroom, one or two bath with driveways and sidewalks.  Approximately 1150 square feet.  Refrigerator and stove included.  There is a laundry room but we do not supply the washer/dryer but connection are there and ready to go.
  • We are able to make this home handicapped accessible.  There are no stairs leading into the home and the bathroom can be done with a low or no step shower to accommodate wheelchair access.
  • Homeowners must be current on their property taxes or be on a current payment plan that you can provide to us.