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Attention West Residents

ATTENTION RESIDENTS – This is from our Street Contractor
Residents near the intersection of Pecan and N Marable
We, Barnett Contracting, Inc., will begin work on the sewer line in the intersection of Pecan andMarable. We expect to begin this work on or about February 10th .
We will be replacing an old sewer manhole with a new one in the middle of this intersection. Because ofthe location of the existing manhole, this intersection will be closed approximately one week.
We will be installing new asphalt and curbs in this intersection at a later date. We will notify you aheadof this work
If you live on Pecan, please use Davis to access Pecan from the East or use Harrison to access Pecan fromthe West.
If you live on Marable between Virginia and Pecan, please access your house from the south (Virginia).If you live on Marable between Walnut and Pecan, please access your house from the north (Walnut).
If you are traveling through, please us Harrison or Davis
Sincerely,Barnett Contracting, Inc.