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04/26/13 – Re‐Entry Frequently Asked Questions

Re‐Entry Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours I can get in to see or work on my house?

  • Currently established hours are Saturday and Sunday 7 am to 7pm. Check for additional updates.

• What do the colored inspections on my house mean?

  • Green – ok to occupy (not to be confused with the smaller vertical green USAR tags)
  • Yellow – restricted use. See the restrictions on the card.
  • Orange – Unsafe. Do not enter or occupy.

Building Inspectors will also be on site to assist with explaining these inspections.

• If I want to get some items out of my house and it is tagged Orange, what do I do?

  • There are Search and Rescue personnel on site who can look at the structure and determine if they can possibly help get items out for you, or can be requested from the NRC. They will be in uniform.

• What happens if I hurt myself in my house while dealing with debris?

  • Minor first aid will be available at the NRC located at Meadow Drive and Jane Lane. For anything serious please dial 911. Local responders are in the area to assist as well.

• What sort of precautions should I take in dealing with debris?

  • Wear gloves and a particulate mask as well as eye protection. You may be dealing with insulation, dust and other items which may irritate or cause medical issues. Kits with these items have been provided to the area residences.

• If I need to talk to someone about how I feel, what do I do?

  • Disaster Mental Health professionals will be on scene and at the NRC. You can also contact them by calling our crises hotline at 866‐752‐3451.

• My child has been having a hard time coping, what do I do?

  • Disaster Mental Health professionals will be on scene and at the NRC. You can also contact them by calling our crises hotline at 866‐752‐3451.

• Can I get into the nursing home?

  • NO. We will get what we can access with USAR support.

• Can I get items from the damaged apartment complex?

  • NO

• When and how can we get our cars out if they need to be towed?

  • If they are driveable, you may drive them out during authorized hours. Towed vehicles will be addressed at a later date. Watch the website for updates.

• How can my insurance adjuster get in?

  • They can ride in with you in your car for the two access days.

• Are you going to bulldoze my house?

  • No, your insurance company needs to work with you.

• Is it safe to go in? What is contaminated?

  • Refer to assessment sheet on your home.

• How is the neighborhood going to be secured at night?

  • Local Law Enforcement will be patrolling.

• What I do if I need law enforcement assistance at my house?

  • Law enforcement will be scattered throughout the neighborhood and in vehicles roving around.

• There is a big piece of metal in my yard from the plant? What do I do with it? Who do I call?

  • ATF has ruled that they are not concerned with any items outside the restricted area. It should be treated as debris but handled carefully to avoid injury.

• What is this green sticker on my house or orange paint on it?

  • It is the inspection by Search and Rescue teams looking for victims. You can disregard it.

• When can I get the gas and utilities turned on?

  • You will need to contact your utility provider.

• How do I keep up with information and get updates?

  • Check they City of West web site at and the City of West facebook page.