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Mayor’s Minute – May 17, 2012

This month we had the first city council meeting at the new location, West Community Center.  It went well, we have more room, microphone and speakers along with adequate parking and handicap parking and restrooms.  I invite you all to attend the council meetings  on the first Tuesday of every month.

Our next meeting will be an open discussion with various businesses/organizations that were not required to install grease traps when the ordinance was revised a few years ago.  These are churches, organizations and a few businesses that serve food.  Grease is grease whether it comes from a business or non-profit and is still a problem the sewer plant has to deal with.   We want to discuss the problem and work together to find a solution.  That meeting is 7:00 on May 17th at, you guessed it..West Community Center.

CJ and the city crew are working on fixing some patches around town.  The city now has a tool that cuts a clean line out of the street, we then pour a layer of concrete then top it with asphalt.  This keeps the base from settling and the patch holds up longer.  The other thing we will start doing is laying what they call “chip seal” on various streets around town.  You see this on some county roads… holes are filled then oil and pea gravel laid and makes a smooth road.  Due to the limited funds the city has to come up with ways to stretch our dollars and since asphalt is so expensive this is an economical way to fix more city streets.  Can’t thank the city crew enough for late nights fixing broken pipes and keeping our city up!  Thanks Guys!!!

If you did not attend the meeting last month on the proposes museum you missed an excellent presentation from Mrs. Georgia Hutyra.  Great Job!  City is in the process of looking at structural integrity of city hall  and due to the 250,000.00 it would take to remodel upstairs of City Hall the council and committee is looking all of our  options for a location.

Want to thank Michelle Scott for her service on the Hospital Board as a city appointee.  Due to her schedule she has stepped down and we welcome and thank Carol Wilson for taking over this position.

The city web site is set to be up and running next week,, a great place for citizens to look up various information regarding the city.  Additional items such as payments for water bills and other items will be added as we more forward.

One last thing… with School getting out for the Summer please be extra careful since children will be out and about enjoying their Summer break.

-Mayor Tommy Muska